>Is Boris The Bestest Mayor In The World?

>(via The Londonist)

Boris Johnson, he of 100 achievements, has made a rather long shortlist in a competition to find the best Mayor on the planet. BJ joins over 40 other civic leaders vying for the 2010 World Mayor Prize. The list of candidates is based on public nomination, and remains open until April. The prize, organised by international think tank City Mayors honours mayors with ‘the vision, passion and skills to make their cities incredible places to live in, work in and visit’. The Blond’s nomination is for achievement in international relations (getting noticed by the Governator and masterful flagmanship at the Beijing Olympics?), environment (taking a fully clothed dip in a nature reserve?), and transport (avoiding a flying car and cycling to the aid of a mugged pedestrian?). Don’t it make you proud?

 The Captain Says:

I freaking love Mayor Bojo.  Look at that hair! I remember reading in one of the free (and now defunct) papers that Bojo supports a two drink lunch. AWESOME.  And his appearances on Have I Got News For You? MORE AWESOME. Seriously.  Entertainment and politics together at last. I think every city should have their own clown in city hall.

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