>I don’t sleep very well. Never have. And I’m game to learn more about how I sleep (or rather, how I don’t sleep) and to find new ways of sleeping better that don’t include giving up coffee and/or sleeping in on the weekends. There are just some things The Captain won’t do, yo.

I’ve downloaded an app for my iPhone that uses the thinger in the stuff (sorry about the technical jargon there) to sense how much I’m moving around at night. After a few days, when it gets the hang of my sleep cycles, it will start to wake me up within 30 minutes of my alarm setting when I’m closest to wakefulness.

Is it an exact science? Like fun it is. Of course not! But I am intrigued by the idea. I had toyed with buying a similar alarm… but they are like, £200. This bad-boy cost me just 59p. AWESOMENESS! And even though it isn’t exactly accurate, it may give me an idea of how much I’m actually not sleep versus how much I’m actually dreaming about not sleeping (which happens to me often, I’m sure).

And because the app will email me the results, I thought it would be interesting (for me) to capture them on the old bloggy-blog.  Now the world can know how well I’m sleeping (or not)… and my moms can lecture me when she sees that some school nights I don’t actually go to bed until real late.

Not to fear: I’ll probably get bored of this quickly enough. In the meantime, bring on the sleep graphs!

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