>Fashion Failings

>I used to check out other girl’s shoes.

I’m not an overly girly type of girl and I never know what to wear. I mostly dress like I’m a six-year-old boy. So I look at what other girls are wearing to see if I might want to adopt any of it. I usually don’t. Fashion gives me hives.

These days I don’t bother checking out what other girls are wearing. So I dress like I’m six. I’m okay with that.  I’m sure everyone else is okay with that. Why would I want to wear a pair of Uggs with leggings and something that could either pass as a shirt or a dress anyway?  Not my lack of style, babies.

My new habit is much more nerdtastic: I now check out other people’s gadgets.

I almost wish that was a euphemism for something more interesting, but it isn’t.  I check out people’s phones and laptops and cameras. I sometimes feel superior. Sometimes I feel envious. In that way, it is a lot like checking out other people’s outfits.

Every month I wonder where my money goes. I certainly shop a lot less than other girls. But I’m beginning to realise that the new external drive and Windows 7 I’m scoping out this week are much more expensive than a couple of shirts at Primark.

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