Nearly… blogged… resisted…. (FAIL)

>So, I read a Wired article about how we are essentially choosing to kill ourselves and it very nearly caused me to write a blog entry about it. Something witty and engaging. You know, my usual kind of stuff. Or junk. Or whatever.

But I resisted. I realised I had nothing really to say about it, even though it is an interesting idea. I couldn’t add to it. I couldn’t make you want to head over to Wired and read about how 55% of the premature deaths of 15 – 64 year old people are caused by personal decisions. Or how that number was just 5% 100 years ago. There, that’s what I have to say about that. Now put on a condom and a seat belt and live longer, idiot.

Either I’m getting stupider or Twitter is slowly killing my blog.

Some of the ideas that I used to puff up into something resembling a blog post I now pack down into 140 characters of snarky hilarity (or banality). So, I’m low on ideas of things to write about.

True, I’ve got the story ideas from The Challenge still to do. I’ve got most of the next one written. I just have to polish it and publish it. But what about when I’m done that?

Really, it isn’t so much that I have nothing to say (I mean, I always have something to say… that’s the burden of being an Authority on Everything) it is just that I don’t have the energy to say it. Oh sure, I’ll sweat and fight to get an idea to fit the 140 character restrains of Twitter, but I don’t feel like actually thinking about anything longer than that. Much how I think it’s fun to write a haiku every once in awhile, but that doesn’t mean I want to write a fucking sonnet, you know?

A Haiku about Blogging

Got nothing to say
But I’ll say it anyway

I’m beginning to suspect my blog is one day going to show up on a blog about how not to blog. I deserve that. There’s probably an unwritten rule written in a blog somewhere (because nothing is unwritten now that any idiot – yours truly gleefully included – can start and maintain a blog with the same ease that a 3 year-old can create art with a box of Crayolas and a colouring book) that you shouldn’t constantly apologise for being shite at blogging. Which is what I mostly blog about, really.

Things may improve though.

After next week, I have a new commute. Instead of the Late Bus of Evilness, I will be shuffled off to work in a subterranean city intestine; just one of the many (read: 4 million+) Londoners transported like cattle in a noisy tube with no WiFi, 3G or even Edge connections. This means that although there are things to look forward to in the new commute (read: no Late Bus of Evilness) there are bad things too… namely the Tube turns my snot black and I won’t be able to Twitter.

What I may do, however, is carry my laptop with me and draft blog posts while being held at a red signal outside of Earl’s fuck Court for the next millennium in the stink and dark of a carriage full of suits.


How many times have you heard “We are being held at a red signal and should be moving shortly” whilst on the District Line just outside of Earl’s Court and wanted to scream, “FUCK YOU, YOU LYING BITCH!” back at the voice? Or is that just me?


So, maybe there’s some bloggin’ a’coming. I’m feeling all inspired by the fact that Careybatgirl has started a blog for me to read (I’m sure that’s not her only reason for doing it). I’ve said it before, and there’s a 94.6% chance I’ll say it again: Watch this space. I may still have some blog in me yet.

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