The Turbotastical Tales Challenge

>So I was thinking to myself: What should I blog about? And I came up blank. Utterly and completely blank.

I wanna blog, I do. But my idea bank is as empty as my money bank. So I was thinking you could help me.

Write one random sentence in the comments – any sentence – and I’ll write a story with that sentence in it and post it here.

This is something I used to do with my students when I was teaching and feeling too lazy to give them an actual presentation topic. They were often the best (and because it is me you can assume that by “best” I mean “most amusing”) presentations those little monsters ever wrote.

I’ll accept any sentence from anyone but I can’t promise I’ll a) write the stories in the order that the sentences are left, b) write anything interesting to read, c) acknowledge the sentence at all if left here by Stefan and/or d) refrain from deleting any sentences out of the comments that would lead to me writing a Penthouse Forum-esque story (unless that’s what I’m in the mood to do).

If anyone (read: my moms) doesn’t want (or understand how) to leave a sentence in the comments, feel free to email me (my handle is jodiwankenobi and Google handles my mail) the sentence and I’ll do it that way.

If no one leaves a sentence I’ll continue my banal blog posts about banal banality or worse; I’ll have nothing to write about at all. I mean, now that I don’t have poop on my walls or anything… I’m low on subject matter.

Let the games begin!

6 responses to “The Turbotastical Tales Challenge

  1. >"There was a warm fetid smell, like wet dogs running wild."I was given that one once in an English test, I think it may be from a book or play.:)

  2. >"But she couldn't get the hang of his torso"I wonder if you'll acknowledge this?

  3. >"we never found the dish drain mat and were stranded there forever"

  4. >"It was a dark and stormy night".

  5. >"I promised I wouldn't tell…"

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