The Wish Bracelet

In the spring my co-worker went to Brazil to escape work and London for awhile by doing some great work with kids who needed some attention. While she was there, she picked up these ribbons that are meant to be tied on the wrist like a bracelet.

She explained that you were to wish on the bracelet. That as she tied it on to my wrist, she would make three knots and I was to make a wish with each knot she tied. The idea was that when the bracelet fell of – “fell off”, not “was taken off” – the wishes would come true.

Why wouldn’t I want one of those? Especially since they came in orange. So the ribbon was tied on and I made my wishes.

How I made my wishes are so indicative of my personality it is ridiculous. Seriously. I made my first wish, my second… but when it came time to make my third I realised that the first wish could be misinterpreted by the universe (or wish faeries, or whatever) that I used my third wish to clarify the first. No mythical loopholes for me, Fate. I’ve come across too many stories with cheeky genies to fall for your crap.

I won’t, of course, share what I wished for.

That night someone brought up why we all seem to believe that we have to keep a wish secret or it won’t come true. What’s with that? Why does saying it outloud in front of others render it non-fulfillable?

I don’t have an answer for that, but I do have an answer for why I don’t share my wishes. I think your wishes – real wishes – expose a secret place in your heart. They illuminate your true fears and insecurities. Your weaknesses. Every wish you confess is another card you are laying on the table. So I don’t tell people my wishes unless they are silly and I don’t really mean them… or if they come true.

Okay, so I made my wishes and I went back to the party. Someone said to me, “Ah, I see she got you too”. I thought the ribbon bracelet was kind of cool and said so. To which was retorted, “Did she tell you how long that damned thing might stay on before she started making the knots?”

No, no she didn’t. That stupid ribbon is pretty resilient, apparently, and can potentially stay on a year or more. A year? Or more? No, no, no! I want my wishes NOW, damn it!

I wasn’t going to cut the bracelet off, even though it quickly got pretty ratty fairly quickly. It wasn’t tied on very tightly in the first place and as it rolled around my wrist it went from being a pretty orange flat ribbon to a dirty orangish rope. I think the situation was made worse by the work I was doing then at Songkick – carrying shit and constantly washing dishes probably didn’t help the state of affairs in regards to my bracelet (or in regards to my job satisfaction, for that matter).

The other people who had been given bracelets were fairing much differently than I was: either their ribbons still looked rather pristine or they had already punked out and cut them off. Mine looked like a dirty piece of string but was showing no signs of actually falling off.

Until it fell off.

I noticed Tyran’s bracelet (she got him, too) at the pub after Waiting for Godot last Tuesday and mentioned that it didn’t look half as craptacular as mine did. I pushed up my sleeve to show him my bracelet and it was gone. I actually had a moment of “oh my God, where is it?” before realising that it was a good thing that the ugly little wish-rope had actually fallen off. It means that my wishes will come true and I won’t have to wait a bloody year for it to happen.

Have my wishes come true? Well, one of them may have so I can share it. The wish that I double-downed on has decidedly NOT come true yet (although I am still hopeful) so I’ll keep that one a secret for now.

My second wish was to have a job where I look forward to coming in to work on Mondays. Now, I won’t say I’m looking forward to work on a Sunday night quite yet (I do so enjoy sleeping in), but I don’t dread it which is a marked improvement over my last two jobs. And I have a feeling that once my commute isn’t so long I’ll look forward to my weekdays even more. Further, I think that as I grow more and more comfortable in my role and with my co-workers, going to work could potentially get more and more pleasurable.

Although I’m pretty sure that the bracelet falling off and the new job getting fun happening at around the same time is purely coincidental, I’m still thankful for the Brazillian wish-bracelet. Here’s hoping that it works just as well on my other wish.

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