>Other people’s kids or: A Tale of Barely Constrained Anger

>Here’s a shocker: I’m not the most patient person at the end of a long shift and the middle of a long commute.

The trip home was going to be balls no matter what; I had been at work late trying to finish wrassling with the diary, then on the way to the train I spotted some boxes and swiped ’em (which were awkward as a summabitch to carry) and finally, because the train was on the platform and ready to leave I bustled with my boxes into the first car… and had to sit opposite the toilet. Ace.

But the icing on the cupcake that is my commute were the family of annoying little turds that were sat just a few seats ahead of me.

Cute as buttons with bugs on them (or whatever you are supposed to say about “cute” kids), three little girls with blond curly hair and cutie-pie British accents (I’m still not used to kids that don’t speak broken English in Korean accents… seems wrong somehow).

But holy sweet Jesus, I’d rather be completely unable to breed if it saves me from having to spend anytime around kids like those. Screaming, crying, fighting, back-talking little shits! I would have been less unhappy had someone gone into the toilet I was sitting beside and dropped a steamer.

It is times like tonight that I don’t really grasp how I was ever a teacher: A teacher who honestly liked her students. But then I remember that it isn’t kids that I hate; it is other people’s kids. I know, I know. That woman with the gaggle of little bastards probably loves her kids too, even though they should have been tied in a sack and tossed in a river for how they were behaving. That may sound a bit harsh… but you weren’t the one on the train with those little monsters.

I think I liked my students because they were well behaved, for the most part. They got up to no good once and awhile – they were children, after all. But by and large, they behaved. And that makes all the difference. I like behaving children. I don’t like little turd children who have absolutely no respect for other people and act like orangutans on public transport.

But you know… some of my students came into my classroom as little monsters. But they certainly didn’t stay like that. What makes kids so irresistibly cool to me is how quickly they learn and adapt. They’ll go the way you want them to (alright, not always) if you show them how to get there.

So it was with these little buggers. Their mother had absolutely no control. It was no wonder the little girls showed her no respect; she wasn’t commanding or earning it. Even without knowing her, I could hear the insincerity and lack of conviction in her weak threats of potential discipline.

So I take it back. Those girls don’t deserve to be tossed in the Thames.

But their mother sure as hell does.

PS: Only four more days of this commute.
PPS: I know. I said “positive” posts. I was “positively” pissed off by these damned children and thought I would share.

2 responses to “>Other people’s kids or: A Tale of Barely Constrained Anger

  1. >When I have kids they're staying with you on the weekends 🙂

  2. >That was flippin hysterical Jodes. I am still wiping away the tears of laughter from my eyes.

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