Positively Blogtastic? Blogtastically Positive?

>How often do I apologise for not blogging often enough? It feels like the majority of my posts address the fact that I’ve not been blogging enough. I’m not even sure most of the time who I’m apologising to. My moms, certainly, who has quit Facebook and who occasionally complains that she doesn’t know enough about what is going on with me because I’m not blogging enough. Sometimes other people (read: Lord Ameliar, new mother of Freddy!) ask me to blog more about recent changes in my life. I’m also apologising to myself: writing in my blog is an activity that I enjoy that is, for a change, not bad for me and I wish I would do it more.

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging lately.

I felt with the last run of posts – funny though you people seem to find my misery – that although I may have been in top-form in lambasting the behaviour of the Citizens, I was being excessively negative. It seemed really weird to toss a post of goodness or happiness in amongst the posts of the living hell that my home life had become. It would have been like hiding truffles in a pile of shit.

Likewise, although I didn’t feel like I could top the story of the poop on the wall, things haven’t really improved either. Capt. Tuberculosis has, sadly, not been courteous enough to drop dead so I’m still in a state of constant annoyance and hatred. But because nothing worse than wall-poop and disgusting moldy toothbrushes has happened, I’ve given up writing about the Citizens.

Can’t write about the good outside-of-my-flat-life-stuff; can’t write about my bad still-horrific-inside-my-flat-stuff. What’s a girl to do?

Another topic that I usually hit in my blog is work. Good or bad, there’s always something to say. Except I couldn’t. Everyone I worked with at my last place knows where my blog is. I’m not so vain that I figure they are reading it all the time, but still. You know. Just in case. Now even though I’m not there anymore, I still won’t say anything bad about it. I don’t really have anything that bad to say about it. I still think they are a good group and although I wasn’t happy there, I don’t want to say anything bad about it. It just didn’t work. So, no bloggy about worky.

No more negative home posts. No negative work posts. No gems of positivity in the turdy turdness that was the turd-dom that I lived in. What’s in the future for Captain Turbotastic and her Turbotastical tales?

Well, things are looking up lately. My new job (more about that soon!) is awesome. You know what I was thinking today at 6:00? I could have technically been done at 5:30 as I started today at 8:30. And instead of watching the clock count down, I was frantically trying to get a few more things done at 5:58 because I had to leave at 6:00 to meet Alison. So as I was trying to get every thing sorted, I was thinking about what I could finish tomorrow and the rest of the week. And then I realised that there isn’t a rest of the week; tomorrow is Friday. And I actually thought to myself, “I wish it wasn’t Friday already!” Holy macaroni! That’s a thought that has never crossed my mind at work before. So yah, that’s going well.

And the countdown to moving to a new flat has been on for a good month now, but it seems real now that we’re down to just 10 days. I’m moving back out west, which will cut my commute in half. And instead of living with a trio of sub-human citizens, I’ll be moving in with my friend Tyran, who not only appears to be generally courteous to the people around him, he’s also not prone (from what I’ve seen so far) to spitting on the floor or wiping poop on the wall. He reads my blog and is worried that he’ll become my new target. I’ve told him that unless he can top my current flatmates, he’s got nothing to worry about. I hope to hell he’s got nothing to worry about. ‘Cause if he’s worse than my current flatmates, I’ll kill him.

I was worried about the future of my blog if things were getting better. What the hell would I write about? What would I complain about? If I was… I mean… “happy”… would I still get to be bitter? How ’bout cynical? Angry? Can one be angry and happy at the same time? Could I still be interesting and amusing (I’m assuming that if you are still reading this you must find me one and/or the other. Right? Validate me.)

I’ve decided to go back a bit to how I was keeping my blog before – a dump spot for the things that end up fluffing around my mind and cluttering up my thoughts. A place to rant and rave and shout and share. But I’m hoping that I’ll be able to do that about more positive things. So watch this space for that sort of nonsense.

And again: sorry for not blogging much. I’ll be working on that.

3 responses to “Positively Blogtastic? Blogtastically Positive?

  1. >Consider yourself validated! You now have a new avid reader of your turbotastical tales :-)It'll be good to get you back to West London, away from the poop filled East, I'm sure you'll be much happier here.Can't wait to see what a "positive" blog looks like 😀

  2. >Jodi, I'm scared. This new happy Jodi scares me. Is the world ending??? Armageddon is happening??Jokes. Although I will miss you flatmate tales of woe. It was fascinating to discover how low our species can deteriorate and still be classified as human.

  3. >woohoo for happy blogging 😉 hee hee.. 'wicked.' loves yous!

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