Moving… not fun but a great excuse not to blog

>So, I moved again. I’m not even sure how many times that makes it that I’ve moved. A lot. I would say more than 25 times, and that does NOT include moving between Kampoops and Quesmell during the summers when I was going to university. That’s a lot of moving.

I hate moving. I hate packing. I hate that I always end up with a bunch of stuff that can be tossed out AFTER I’m in the new place. Why can’t I figure that shite out before I flipping move?

As previously mentioned, the Quad saved my ass and let me stay with them for just over a month while I found a new job and managed to get myself a paycheck. I was repeatedly told that I could stay longer if I needed to (I’m telling you, these guys are awesome) but I just couldn’t keep freeloading. Or commuting. I have so little soul left… I don’t need the District Line to suck the bit remaining out along with my will to live every weekday morning.

So as soon as I gots paid, I started looking for a place in east London. I found a place last Monday and moved in yesterday. The new place is small and I don’t know the people I live with. Living with strangers is not always fun, but these guys seem cool (that’s why I chose this place). The neighbourhood is dodgy, to say the least, but there is a lot going on and I can walk to work.

The move itself was not too bad – I was already still mostly packed as I was just squatting temporarily at the Quad. I don’t have too much stuff and Tyran and Caryn were nice enough to help me toss it all into the van. And Tyran came out to Hackney (my new ‘hood) with me to help me unpack. Which is all kinds of awesome of him.

The room is just a room… it isn’t huge but it is big enough for the likes of me. I really love the floors. There is no lounge (or “living room” as we would say back home) and the kitchen is tiny. But I mostly eat at work and hang out in front of my PC anyway. Once the extra couch (oh yah, extra couch) is out of here and I get a cheap wardrobe purchased from Argos, I’ll be all set and settled in for the next few months at least.

The flatmates are pretty cool – there are three of them, a couple and another girl. One’s British, one’s Italian and one’s Polish. All of them are very friendly and cool. They’ve made me feel very welcome already and I think it will nice to live here with them.

The neighbourhood is… well, colourful seems like the nicest adjective. There are a lot of estates and the streets seem like they are always full of people. I’ve asked my new flatmates a few times now if they’ve ever felt threatened or anything and none of them have. As Lucinda put it, “They’re poor, they’re not dangerous.” Fair enough.

So, bottom line is that I’m not settled in 100% yet but I’m feel good about the space and I do think it will work out. I don’t know how long I will be here… but I tells ya one of these days I’m going to pick a place and stay still for at least a few years.

One response to “Moving… not fun but a great excuse not to blog

  1. >I suppose the upside is you get to see a lot of different neighbourhoods.

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