More scary science things

So apparently scientists have taken it upon themselves to clone a Pyrenean ibex. It’s a mountain goat. Which doesn’t sound all that interesting… I mean they manage to clone a sheep flipping years ago. Goat… sheep… how is this news?

Well, what is interesting is that the Pyrenean ibex went extinct in 2000. And although I don’t have a problem, in theory, with the cloning of animals, I do have a problem with them cloning extinct animals. Sure, sure. Sounds great. We could even start erasing some of man’s mistakes (I wonder if there is any Dodo DNA around?) but was scares me is how quickly this could get out of hand.

I’ve seen movies that make me think that cloning extinct animals is probably a bad idea.

4 responses to “More scary science things

  1. >Jodi, here is the thing…the Pyrenean ibex was realGodzilla is not-carey

  2. >I know! But T-Rex was real and I think if we clonned him he’d go all Godzilla on Tokyo.

  3. >I think it would be a good idea if we could get Mr. Rex trained to go Godzillia on L.A., THEN he could be the new star in 24 and we could see Jack Baurer think his way out of THAT one. -Amelia

  4. >Jack Bauer vs. Godzilla? Sweet! Who do you guys think would win that one?

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