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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.”

~Horace Walpole

Eggy in a basket… now more squirrelly than ever!

>So, my new favourite breakfast (other than french toast or anything cooked by someone else) is eggy in a basket. It is tasty. It is convenient. And it is delightfully easy to make.

Cut a hole in a piece of bread, fry that bitch up, flip it, drop an egg in the hole, cook some more, consume. Easy-peasy.

Of course… I don’t do anything like a normal person. I thought breakfast would be more exciting if I used a cookie-cutter of some sort to make the hole in the bread. I was right.

How stinking cute is that?

Squirrel centre with peanut butter. Mmmmm….

Squirrels never tasted so good.

>Levi’s Wave Advertising

>On our walk through East London on Sunday, Tyran and I saw this billboard on Old Street. It was already gone today.

The ironing is delicious*

I was walking along Bethnal Green Street (first impression: Dodgy. But in a very cool way) on my way to view a flat when I saw the fattest kid in the universe** playing a Nintendo DS and facing a Weight Watchers advert that was not a foot away from him . That kid was awesome.

See, this kid is fatter than the one I saw.
And infinitely grumpier.

*I’m deeply in love with you as a person if you got the title of the post without having to look it up. You are obviously one of my favourite people.

**This is probably not true. He was a porker***, but I’m sure he wasn’t the fattest kid in the universe.

***Heh heh. Porker.

>Maybe I need to get me a sign… part two

>Last month I suggested that if I had the appropriate signage taped to my back, I would find me a job. Just the mere mention of a sign woke the universe up and I’m gainfully employed at a kick-ass company.

Well, universe… pay attention to this: Perhaps I would have more luck finding a boyfriend if I had a sign like this taped to my back.

>The hardest thing I’ve ever done (and I probably did it wrong)

>One of my new coworkers (I’ll post soon about my yummy new job) asked if everyone would send their top 10 tracks of all time.

Clearly, he’s a madman.

Who could pick only ten songs? I can hardly settle on ten bands. Ten genres… maybe. This ended up being a difficult exercise. I realised that I couldn’t pick my ten favourites, because some of the stuff I like is a bit inaccessible. The list would also only have four bands and I would probably cry apologetically as I made cuts to the list like a cruel beauty pageant judge when all the contestants are amazing.

After doing some hyperventilative breathing into a paperbag, I decided I would just have to go ahead and choose ten songs; never mind that it was causing me pain akin to sawing off limbs with a rusty ol’ saw. I mean, this guy was looking to expand his musical horizons and I support that.

With sincere apologies to every other amazing song in the universe for the whole of history… these were my top ten recommended tracks:

01. Radiohead – Pyramid Song*
02. Pearl Jam – Given to Fly
03. Sigur Ros – Staralfur
04. The National – Secret Meeting
05. The Tragically Hip – Bobcaygeon**
06. Fleet Foxes – Sun It Rises
07. The Beatles – Blackbird
08. Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Follow You Into the Dark
09. Andrew Bird – Imitosis
10. Reindeer Section – You are my Joy***

That’s the list. And you know what? I did that last Sunday and I wouldn’t send the same list next weekend. There is just too much good music out there… I may have to provide the next ten if he says he likes any of these ones. Mmmmmm…. musiclious.

*I would have chosen “Talk Show Host”… but I wanted to avoid B-sides
**There HAD to be a Canadian track on the list, eh?
***When someone limits you to just ten picks, always include one that secretly hides at least a good dozen artists within the one Scottish super-band name.

>NERD ALERT!: Only I would be happy about this

>I just made myself soooo happy that when this wee trick finally worked I actually got up and danced around. No joke.

I have my own domain name! Hooray!! I’m officially (and then some) on the Interwebs. HOORAY!

So, what does that mean in words that my moms will understand (she’s pretty Interwebs-savvy, but even she might not even get this one)?

I have my own Interwebs address.

That’s right. My own. I owned this here part of the the Interwebs and I intend to keep it, yo.

So from now on, if you want to find my blog (or you want to tell many, many others how to find my delicious and good-for-you blog) you just have to remember this:

And that is all kinds of awesome, friends and neighbours. All freaking kinds. Woot!


>Oh, Tube… how I love thee. How I freaking love that it took me over two hours to get to work yesterday! The joy I felt all day long from a journey that took ever so much more time than it should have. Thank you, TFL. Thank you.

New Digs

Two weeks ago I moved. I’ve been meaning to blog about it but I thought I would wait until the memory had faded at least a wee bit.

Moving always agitates me.

Nothing ever goes 100% the way it should. Things go missing (or at least appear to if, like me, you aren’t bright enough to fully label your boxes… wanna guess how many of my boxes just say “misc” on them?)*, you realise you should have started cleaning ages ago, the van is late, etc, etc… all of it agitates me.

On top of that, we should be aware that I didn’t really want to move. Well, I did and I didn’t. The mold and cold was starting to get to me. But spring was coming (so I thought, before the snow hit) and the landlords were very reassuring about getting the mold issue dealt with… eventually. I guess I needed to move, but I didn’t want to move. But I didn’t really have a choice. Two months of unemployment in one of the world’s most expensive cities takes away some vital choices, I tells ya.

I was also very concerned with the fact that I would go from living on my own to living with a bunch of people again. I may sometimes come across as a “people person” (I just made myself shudder with that) but I really, really value my alone time. So I was nervous about having to live with four other people.

I was also going to be moving further out of the city. Which means a longer Tube ride to wherever I was going (unless I was coming here, I suppose) and you know how much I freaking love the freaking Tube.

So I wasn’t too keen on the moving thing. Too many worries. But you know what? It is actually awesome. To the max.

First of all, how cool are the people I moved in with? They know I’m flat broke and that I was having to look at leaving the country. So they gave me their spare room. Now I can stay in London and I’m so happy about that.

Then they helped me move all my boxes into the house. Hoozah! They have made me dinner (and breakfast) and have generally been just kick-ass to spend time with.

I have to also add that Tyran brought home kimchi for me yesterday… and no one complained (too much) about the horrid stink it made in the fridge**. It was delicious and I was pleased that he had even thought of it.

So I really do have to thank Tyran, Gosia, Stefan (who finally made mention in the blog without me taking the piss… well done, dude) and even Gareth. I just hope they know exactly how much this means to me (I’m not very good with telling people stuff like that) and that one day I’ll be able to pay them off in kind and then some.

*One thing I do like about moving is that I can draw skulls & crossbones on my boxes with fragile things in them and devise curses to befall anyone who is too rough with my shite. But seeing as how I’m usually the one moving me… the curses are really just there to make me giggle. That’s right. I think I’m funny.

**This kimchi-stink has been weirding me out. I know it has a nasty smell… but it seemed to stink the fridge up something fierce. Much worse than I ever remember in Korea. So now I’m wondering if it smelled less in Korea, if I was just that used to the stink, or if the whole flipping country stunk of kimchi so you didn’t notice the smell emanating from your refrigeration unit.

>The 11 most unnecessary ‘How To’ guides on the web

>I didn’t take the time to write this article, so I’m happy that the good folks at did. Check it out and see just how chuckalicious it is.