>Without music, life would be a mistake

>I’ve complained about Nietzsche before. I didn’t like the book I read of his and really I think he is too smart for his own good. Besides, there is something really… snooty about quoting Nietzsche, is there not? But still, when the man has something great to say (like the title of this post) I can’t help but steal it and repeat it.

But this is not another post about my issues with Mr. Nietzsche (do you think he ever invited anyone to call him just “Fred” or “Rick”? I bet not.) and how inferior intellectually (side note and a true story… I just spelled both “inferior” AND “intellectually” incorrectly and Blogger had to fix it for me – I rule!) he makes me feel.

No, no. This is a post about music.

Now, those who know me well know I have… well, a thing for music. If music was a boy, I would marry it. And before I left home for uncharted waters (they aren’t really uncharted, it is just that Korea and Japan can’t agree what to call it) I used to go to live shows. A lot.

I only saw one concert in Korea and my soul died a little (even thought that show was Muse and they are an amazing live act). Now that I’m in London you would think I’d be rocking all the live shows, but the truth is that I haven’t been focusing enough on my extracurricular activities (read: other than drinking). But that’s going to change in the near future, I tells ya.

Last week I applied for a job with a company called Songkick. And here’s the cool thing… even if I don’t get hired (I’m hoping like mad to get hired… if you know any voodoo or have any other cool powers, see what you can do about influencing the fates for me on this one…) I’m still hyper-glad I found their website. Because it kicks ass.

Normally I wouldn’t encourage people to navigate away from my blog… this is the one spot on all the interwebs that I have any power. Or something. But in this case, I’ll make an exception. If you like live music at all, check out www.songkick.com. These guys are trying to make going to shows as easy as going to the movies. How could you not support that?

So, go check it out, bookmark it and maybe even set up a profile. That way these guys will even email your ass about your favourite bands’ tour dates as well as recommend other shows you might appreciate. And that’s a whole bowl of awesome.

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