2009: Changes a’coming!

>I’ve decided that I’m moving my blog over to Blogger. I’ve got a few reasons for doing this… but none of them are all that interesting so I’ll keep them to myself.

Sadly, because Live Spaces (where this currently is) is not a “real blog” there is no way to simply export my entries and then import them into my new Blogger… um, blog. So I’m doing it manually at the moment. It is taking freaking forever.

The good news is that it is giving me a chance to tighten up some of the spelling (I’m notoriously bad at spelling) and standardise the formatting a little bit. I’m trying my best not to edit anything more than that, although it is tempting! Holy macaroni, I’ve typed out some stupid and/or pointless and/or boring things in the past (much like the present, some would argue).

I did think about abandoning what has been written here so far and just starting anew. I’ve decided though that I don’t want to do that. I want to keep it all together so I’ll transfer all the entries along with the photos and comments. After I’m done moving it (hopefully this weekend) all the new posts will be at the new blog. I’ll leave this one up for awhile after the move, but I think I will delete it entirely eventually.

It is still a work in progress, but if you want to check out the new blog it is at the following address: http://turbotasticaltales.blogspot.com/. I’d really love to see you there.


For those of you who are “here” and confused about what I’m on about – I had a blog over at http://drolligaffin.spaces.live.com for about three years now. I’m slowing moving it to this address because I feel this will be a better place to play. Until the move is complete, I’ll probably blog in both places.)


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