>My growing vocabulary

I wanted just the right word to explain how I was feeling about it being soooo cold and snowy back home (just check out the Coquihalla Highway webcam) when it is a rather balmy and dry day here.

relatively speaking…

Of course, many people would suggest the German word “Schadenfreude” (taking joy in the misery of others) and it was the one I was looking up how to spell in order to describe the evil delight I was feeling in being able to have my window open today. In doing so, however, I discovered two other lovely and useful words.
The first is “epicaricacy” which is a rare English word (why do we always stop using the best words??) that was once spelled “epicharikaky”. The Greek etymology of this word is a compound of epi (upon), chaira (joy) and kakon (evil). Whoo-hoo! I love it!

The other great word that I’ve since picked up is Freudenschade, which is not only a non-word in English, it is a non-word in German as well. Score! A twofer!*

I found “Freudenschade” in an article that defines it thusly: “If Schadenfreude is feeling joy at the misfortune of others, then Freudenschade is feeling miserable at their joy. It’s a very useful emotion to have in your arsenal.”
I have to agree. I fall victim to Freudenshade nearly as often as Schadenfreude, which I’m now calling epicaricacy (which I can’t pronounce, naturally).

*I’ve mentioned that I’m using “Windows Live Writer” to create my blog entries now, yes? And that it does spell checking? Well, it hates the following words: soooo, Schadenfreude, epicaricacy, epicharikaky, epi, chaira, kakon, whoo-hoo and Freudenschade. However, it didn’t have a problem with “twofer”, which I thought was Canadian slang, much along the lines of “two-four” (flat o’ beer), “hoser” (loser), “hork” (steal), “garbarator” (garbage disposal unit) and a “large double-double” (a large Tim Horton’s coffee with two cream and two sugar). So I looked up “twofer” and apparently it is a real word. Who knew?

Original Comments:

Belfast Brendy wrote (on 22/12/08):
I knew.

Andi Struction wrote:
*ahem* http://schadenfreudelightful.wordpress.com/

“Shade N. Freude” was almost my roller derby name, but I chickened out. How awesome would that be? Nerdy AND badass.

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