>Yadda yadda yadda, me me me


“Talking much about oneself
can also be a means to conceal oneself.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche

Sometimes I wonder about this blogging thing. Not blogging in general – I’m sure the 19 blog posts created every second on the interwebs are all very worthwhile and highly interesting… but I wonder about the point of me keeping a blog. I don’t ever kid myself that my posts are worthwhile or at all interesting – Turbotastical Tales should come with a disclaimer warning those who have hearkened upon it accidentally that spending even a moment reading any of what’s here could cause permanent brain damage. There’s no un-reading what you’ve read here, people.

Anyway, back to me. I didn’t think I was the kind of person who was into disclosing too much about myself. And then I read that quote from Nietzsche (confession: I’m also hopeful that quoting the ole Nietzscherooni will add some class and smartness to my otherwise base and retarded writing) and it dawned on me what keeping a blog is really all about for me: it isn’t that I want to give up too much info about myself, it is simply that I like to hear the sound of my own voice (even when it is written) and that my voice is particularly melodious when I wax lyrical about my favourite subject: moi.

Seriously, for someone who hates it when people think they know any-freaking-thing about me (I don’t even go into the same shops twice in a row, lest they think they have a habit or two of mine figured out) I sure do talk about myself a lot. That must get aggravating for the people around me. It is just that my “best” stories usually involve me. Probably because I’m the most interesting person I know. Ha!

Whenever I read my old posts though, I notice that even though it is either all about me, or at the very least my opinion on things that aren’t me… overall I don’t think I’m giving all that much away. It may look that way at times; however, by being the writer and editor of my life events I have control over the portrait I’m painting of myself. For everything I let slip, there are 10 things I’m not giving away.

So anyway, thanks for sorting me out Friedrich, you uptight bastard. I didn’t like the one book of yours that I read, but you do say some pretty smart shite every once in a while. So, cheers for that Friedy. You’s alright. Thanks for classing up my blog a bit today. Sort of.

Original Comments:

Carey wrote (on 21/12/08):
I just realized you have been gone for over three years. Not because I didn’t notice you were gone, but because I get to read about you when ever I want so it feels like I “see” you every day. To be honest, I like the banal, random stories you write, because it would be like a conversation we would have in person. I don’t need you to disclose any more about yourself… I have enough dirt already…

Miss you

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