Temp Work & Timmy Ho Ho Ho


This morning I had an appointment at a recruitment agency. I wasn’t all that excited – the last one I went to still hasn’t found anything. I know, I know. Bad time of year. Bad economy. Etc. But you know what? I don’t want to hear that. And I’m sure if you were unemployed and thinking that you might have to leave the country if you can’t find something fast, you wouldn’t want to hear it either.

So, with a rather heavy heart I ventured into the city. The agency is near Piccadilly, but to avoid changing Tube lines I just got off at Westminster and strolled towards my appointment. On the way there, the greatest thing happened.

I found Tim Hortons in London.

Now, it isn’t as exciting as I would like to pretend it is… it isn’t a really-real Tim Hortons. It is more like a kiosk in another store kind of Timmy Ho’s. Still! It was good to see it and I decided that I would grab a coffee after the interview on the way back to the Tube.

The people at this particular agency (Angela Mortimer) are swell. They are very professional, very kind, and seem very interested in getting people work. I haven’t gone to them before today as they were the ones who got me my last job, and you know how well that went. Although I suppose none of that was really their fault – I fell for it, too.

After going through all the form filling and typing tests (I’ve been practicing… I can get over 100 WPM if I concentrate), I sat with Libby (the recruiter) who actually remembered me from last year. She seemed to understand what I needed – ANYTHING over the holidays and we’ll worry about the rest of my life after Christmas when things started to pick up.

Well, Libby found me a very temp position – three and a half days over the holidays which pays nearly nothing an hour. As in, HALF of what I was making before. But it is still more than I would have been making. And because she was able to do that for me in the same day, I’m feeling a bit better this afternoon about what my future in London will be like (read: that I even WILL have a freaking future in London!). I’m still nervous about paying rent and bills in January, but I suppose that is a tough time of year for everyone. If I can’t do better wage-wise come January though, I’m still going to have to bail. I just don’t have a safety net here.

On the way back to the Tube, I did stop at Timmy’s. And it wasn’t as good as it is in Canada (nothing ever is), it still did my heart some good to continue my way home with a cup of Timmy’s own.

So, starting on the 24th of December, I’ll be the receptionist at Visit London, which isn’t paying me very well but perhaps I’ll learn about some cool things to do in the city. The good news is that I can’t find a phone number on the website, and it IS the holidays… so at least I won’t be ran off my feet for diddly an hour.

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