>Nocturnal hallucinations


Yesterday I took a shower in the early evening to try and warm up. The heat is working, but it is still very, very cold in my flat. Seeing as how I pay to run the electric heater but hot water is free, I elected to take a long, hot shower and then put on my warm fluffy trousers and my “heatTech” shirts and chill out.

Then Colin called and convinced me to to leave the house with promises of a real dinner (I was going to eat tomato sandwiches – I’m still not working – and he bought pizza). I had to get ready very quickly. Long story short(ish), I had to do my hair and make-up in my main room because the bathroom floor was still wet after my shower. As I rushed out the door, instead of putting my make-up bag back on the hook by the sink I just left it inside the bathroom door on the floor.

When I returned from dinner (thanks, C), I went to go to the toilet at my house and nearly had a heart attack because of the make-up bag. I had forgotten I had left it there and in that split second before I could accurately decipher what I was seeing, I thought there was a kitten sitting there.

In hindsight, I’m not really sure why a kitten would scare me so much.

PS: It really is that freaking cold in here. I’m sitting here now in the mid-afternoon with a cup of tea, the heater on and a hot water bottle on my lap. I need to find work not only for the money, but so I can thaw out. Brr!

PPS: It just occurred to me that this was the most pointless blog entry in history. I should give myself some sort of reward….

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