>You know it is too cold in your flat when…

>I’m alright with having the temperature a little bit lower – being cold builds character, right? And although I realise that I’m not as hardy when it comes to the cold as I used to be (I whine about it more now, I miss Langkawi!), I’m still usually okay with it being chilly.

Chilly. Not freezing. Right now, typing this, my hands and nose are cold. Not a wee bit chilly: cold. I’m going to have to go have a shower (even though I’m unemployed… I shouldn’t have to shower!) just to warm them up.

Cold hands and nose are not a reason to writhe around complaining miserably about how Cratchit* was probably warmer counting up Scrooge’s money than I am at this moment. But it isn’t just a cold nose and fingers… I can see my breath! That’s cold, boys and girls. Might be time to turn on my gluttonous energy-eating space heater. BRRR!!!

*I first spelled Bob’s name as “Crotchit”. Not correct, but infinitely funnier.

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