Title change, same cast


I’ve decided to change the title of my blog. “Living in London” (although technically true, as I do “live in London”) wasn’t doing anything for me. I suppose that it was mostly because my blog rarely has anything to do with London.

So I’m moving onward with “Turbotastical Tales”, which is fitting enough. Less Google-able, but more fitting. A few caveats with the change in title:

1. It doesn’t mean I’m going to blog more
2. It doesn’t mean that the quality of writing will improve

Whew! I feel better getting that out of my system! I didn’t want anyone to get all excited. Consider this a repackaging effort with the same old shite inside.


PS: I found a good use for the Windows Live Writer program… it does spell check! Hooray! Less thinking!

Original Comments:

Careybatgirl wrote (on 16/12/08):
I used to melt those old McDonalds packages in my oven… they would shrink down and I would use them as traders on my Girl Guide hat…

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