>Sigur Ros in London

>My one word review would have to be: wow.

The concert was stunning. Sigur Ros played at Alexandra Palace (a 135 year old palace with lovely views) last night and it was a great show. Their sound was perfect and they did a great job of staging it.

At one point they used a curtain of water in front of the band. I’m sure you’ve seen this sort of effect used somewhere – I hesitate to call it a waterfall – it looks like rain. But heavy rain. A curtain of heavy rain. But what was so cool is that they lit the band from behind so that their shadows were cast onto the curtain of rain. So lovely.

If you aren’t familiar with how Sigur Ros’ music sounds, you should check it out. They could have played in a a black room and it still would have been one of the best concerts I have ever attended. Their music is haunting and uplifting at the same time, like hearing people sing in church with their hands open to the sky.

Or like hearing a child sing at a funeral, but instead of making you sad the sound of it gives you hope.

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