>No more blog?

>Once again, here I am about to apologise for not blogging. Sigh. It does seem to be something that I fall into and out of again. Which is not cool. But I do want to reassure everyone who reads my blog (I think mainly at this point this is now an open letter to Careybatgirl… does anyone else read this anymore? Or have I just been whining too much?) that I will continue to write it. Here and there. Maybe more than before. It is back on the priority list.

So what happened? For a little while there I was SO GOOD! I was even writing every day. Well, work happened. Work has been pooping all over the rest of my life for the last few months and it is impeding my ability to do… anything. Or that’s what I’m going with.

So, yah. Work. Depressing. Not cool. And I didn’t want to moan about it all the time. Because that is also NOT COOL. So that’s my first excuse. It’s a good ‘un.

Second problem: Twitter. The Curse of the Micro-Blog! Although I also don’t update there very often either… even though I can do so right from my freaking phone. Maybe this is a poor excuse.

Third: I always WAS a lazy bastard. Moving to England didn’t change that. Seriously.

I have been writing down some blog ideas though, and I’m going to try to keep doing that. Because I would like to be writing more, even if it is just the crap that I put into my blog every once in a while. I’m hoping that by blogging, I’ll keep the crap from piling up (so to speak). Might help me sleep at night if I’m not lying awake thinking about stupid stuff like whether or not ducks’ feet get cold in the winter and stuff. I also should try to tie my Twitter posts to my blog – sometimes I just write absolute nonsense (like when I was waiting in line at the post office – that reminds me, I need envelopes – and there was a guy in there with a hearing dog and the dog was stinky) but other times I think it could be a jump-off point for a longer blog post. Or something.

So far I have eight things to write about on my list. And I’m thinking there could be a lot more. So I’m going to try writing more often again. Let’s see how long I can keep it up this time.

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