Brain Flossing

1. What was your first Hallowe’en costume?

I’m not 100% sure on this one… but I seem to remember pictures of me dressed up like a train engineer and I would have been very young. The first costume I remember picking on my own was Count from Seasame Street. But I had to wear my winter coat over my costume because it was cold and I remember being pretty pissed off about that. I mean, really… the Count doesn’t wear a pink puffy coat!

2. How are the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood?

This year I only caught glimpses of trick-or-treaters as I left my house to go to a party. Even if I was sitting at home (which I very nearly did this year), my flat is at the back of the house and I wouldn’t have dealt with the little monsters anyway.

3. Speaking of treats, what’s your single favorite kind of candy?

If we aren’t including any sort of chocolate – and I don’t think we should… it should be in its own category – then I would have to say Red Hot Feet, which I’ve not seen (or tasted!) in a million years. Give or take a couple of decades.

4. Speaking of tricks, what’s the most memorable prank you ever pulled on someone (doesn’t have to be Halloween related).

I believe I made my brother eat cat poo once. Not a lot! Just a taste. He probably doesn’t remember it being as funny as I do.

One response to “Brain Flossing

  1. you should floss more

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