And you thought MY flat was small!

I follow a blog called "It’s Lovely! I’ll take it!" which posts horrible pictures that people actually use to sell (and sometimes rent) their property. Some people are completely clueless.

Anyhoo, one of the posts today made me appreciate my kitchen/bathroom/dining room/livingroom/office space a heck of a lot more. Definitely check out the photo of this place. Yowza.

One year lease with time off for good behavior

"Room Available November 1st. Room is approx. 10×8 (no windows).
Room has private bathroom. There is no separation between bathroom and
bedroom. Room is in basement. Private, no roommates. No kitchen access
but you do have a mini fridge and microwave. Utilities are included.
Located less than one block from L train, Bedford Ave and B61 bus.
Please email some info about yourself along with how long you are
looking to sublet for. (Optional semi-furnished). North 7th street at
Bedford Ave" $550.

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