GSE: Goals

Careybatgirl left a good comment – what they hell do I consider "sleeping better" anyway?  And what do I hope to achieve by doing The GSE?

Well, I suppose to me a good sleep is one in which I don’t feel like I’ve been hit between the eyes with an axe every morning becuase I’ve only slept a handful of hours throughout the night (and not congruently). I don’t think I’ll ever be the sort to go to sleep as soon as I hit the pillow (I’m slow to shut down), but I would like to stop laying awake for hours. Once in a while I would like to sleep through the night.

What I really want though is to stop feeling so effing wasted all the time. I feel as though my concentration is gone and I have no drive to do anything. I used to think that my low quality of life (relative to what I could be living, not compared to others… I know I actually have it pretty damned good) was a symptom of my poor sleep. Now I want to see if my poor sleep is a symptom of how I live my life.

What is my goal? To change some bad habits into good habits… and then change the good habits into a lifestyle change. The result of that should be more energy and concentration. Some time after that I should be ready to take over the world. Presumably with force.

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