Slowest Week Ever

Finally, it is Friday.

I had serious doubts this week that it would ever be Friday. There was a point, I believe it was Tuesday, that I actually made a distressful cry and pulled at my own hair at the realisation that it wasn’t even Hump Day yet.

Hump Day finally came and we celebrated with drinks.

That feeling (fear) that Friday was never going to show up caused me to wonder: What would the ramifications be if there was no Friday?

I’m not talking about the government deciding that most workers are lazy bastards on Fridays and doing away with it to cut costs and up productivity (which wouldn’t work anyway, because I would just become a lazy(ier) bastard on Thursday).  I don’t mean a gigantic corporation doing away with Friday as a twisted publicity stunt.  And I also don’t mean just waking up on a Friday and thinking it was Thursday.

I mean going to bed on Thurdsday, waking up the next morning, and that morning is Saturday. How would we even know it was Saturday then? Wouldn’t we assume it was Friday?

But what if some how we knew that the day had been skipped. We couldn’t just call Saturday "Friday", because Friday was already past. Maybe scientists would be the ones to tell the world, "No, now look you buggers. Stop saying it is Friday. We missed Friday. Today is Saturday. We know this because of the alignment of… whatever."

By the time the announcement would be made, most people would already be at work. And then what would you do? Turn around and go home because it was actually Saturday?  Just say forget it and work seeing as how you were expecting to work that day anyway and then take Monday off in lieu? Would that make Monday "Sunday"? When we would get back on track?

What if this was something that happened randomly but periodically?  Where every so often we’d actually and for real miss a day?

Sigh. I need to be kept busier at work. If I’m not kept occupied, this is honestly the stupid shite I think about.

Oh well. At least it is Friday.

I think.

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