>Because they aren’t keeping me busy enough at work, I waste spend a lot of my time online, trying to learn more about digital marketing. Or that’s what I’ll tell them when I’m asked why I don’t appear to be doing any work.

It is because of this sort of activity that I’m finding some really cool websites. The one that caught my eye today was Smugopedia. Their tagline is “pretend you know better”. I’m still exploring their site, but I liked this entry for Love (thus the title of my blog entry):

“Socrates’ speech on love in the Symposium–arguing that love is merely a longing for immortality and ideas are immortal–is just a conceit of the intellectual. I prefer Aristophanes’ speech, imagining a world in which humans were once four-armed, four-legged, and two-headed balls who tumbled around doing cartwheels, each one split in two and yearning to find their other half.”

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