>iPhone? Yes, please!

>I finally gave in on Friday and bought myself an iPhone. Normally, this would be a sign of my twin weaknesses: Money Retardation and Tech Lust. But seeing as how I’ve been waiting to buy a freaking iPhone since they first announced that they discovered the technology to make it possible (almost two years ago), through the release of the first generation (over a year ago) and still through after the second generation was released (a few months ago) to see if the G-phone (Google’s phone with the open-sourced Android platform) would be cool enough to go that direction instead… I think I’ve been fairly restrained.

Other than to congratulate myself on delaying my gratification (apparently a sign of intelligence – I never wait to give myself anything so I mustn’t be all that bright) I just wanted you to know how much I love it. Love it. I’m tempted to sleep with the damned thing.

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