>GSE: weekend horrors

>I made it through the first weekend of dragging my sorry ass out of bed at 7:00 on both Saturday and Sunday. The results are mixed, to say the least.

On Saturday, I could have wept. Not only did I not get to sleep in (which I love doing with my whole heart) but it was only THREE degrees outside. THREE! Lame. But I went through with it; I got up at 7:00, got dressed (warmly, to say the least) and went on my walk. I came home, had breakfast, and goofed around. Went back to bed at around 11:30 for the next few hours. I was exhausted. That night I went to bed just after midnight, and fell asleep more quickly than usual.

On Sunday getting up was no easier, but I did manage to stay awake for most of the day. I only had a wee bit of shut-eye at around 3:30 for half an hour. I tried to “power nap”, and I daresay it worked. I only rested for 30 minutes, but I felt great when I woke up. I’m listening to these tracks that are supposed to help you be a kick-ass napper. Personally, I would like to try for the pros when it comes to napping. It is a sport in which I would be amazing. Sunday nights are usually my worst nights for trying to sleep. This one was not much different than usual. I don’t think I laid there awake for longer than usual, nor did I drift right off though the way I imagine other people do.

It is only the fifth day of the experiment, and I feel my resolve waning. I’m going to try and hang on to this regime for the duration of the month though – give it a real chance. Right now I just feel like I’m denying myself some of my favourite things (sleeping in, ice cream) and that more of them are to go (coffee – SOB and not-exercising) for no obvious improvement. The gains I’m hoping for (more energy, overall increase in well-being) better be so freaking amazing that they make up for not getting to sleep in.

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