And work retreats drool

I know what would be expected here – hilarious stories about the horror show that was our glorious work retreat. Sorry to disappoint… but it was actually a good laugh and I enjoyed myself overall.

The weather was beautiful and it was nice to get out of the city. The only bad thing was that we were at some freaking golf resort area full of old people and for the most part we didn’t even leave the hotel grounds. So although I (and, by extension, Miller) have been to Portugal, I didn’t really see any of it. I will have to return some day.

My three favourite things about the trip:

1. A coworker who dived into the wrong end of the pool and ended up with a huge mark on his forehead. Didn’t live it down for the rest of the weekend.
2. When we were sitting, chilled out on the beach when another coworker enquired about beers and then said, "This is nice and all, but I’m thirsty."
3. Our team (Blue Friction Five… long story) totally kicked ass and "won".  Our price was a crystal. It looks like a glass rock.

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