How freaking cute is this?

I still get emails once in a while from the kiddos, and it makes me insanely happy. I need to be reminded that they remember me. Anyhoo, here is a recent one from Jessica, who I taught when she was 9-10 years old…

Dear Jodi teacher

I’m afraid that i didn’t email you very often.I’m reallt sorry.
i was too tired doing homework and dealing with my betrayal friends.
One of my best friends betryaed me in very awful way so I’m outraged.
I;m not that popular among my class.It’s a kind od worrisome.

Are you watching Olmypic? It’s fabulous. Korea is extremely
excellent at swimming, pencing, Archery, and so on.Korea is leading
third! I wish Korea could beat that nasty China.I think judgement was
quite unjustice for Handball men.Bye then! I’ll mail you son!(could you
tell me how to be popular?And watch Olmypic! Have fun! Bye!



First, how freaking smart is she? That genius vocabulary (she’d be 12 now) is alllll thanks to me. The spelling mistakes and such: not me. Anyway, I also think it is freaking cute that she asked me for advice on how to be popular. CUTE!  This is what I told her…

I am very sorry to hear that one of your best friends has betrayed you.
That is terrible news. I feel very sad for you. Any betrayal is very
painful, but it is more painful if a friend does it.

Jessica, I wish I could tell you how to be popular. I could say what
grown-ups always say, "Be yourself". And although that is a very good
thing to do, I can’t promise you that it will make you popular. I can
tell you a true story though.  I was NOT popular when I was a little
girl either! I worried more about being a good girl and doing all my
homework, so I did not have very many friends. But you know what,
Jessica? Now I have many, many, many friends!  You are very special and
a very good friend. One day you will also have many friends. I know it
is hard, but you might have to wait for a time when there are people
around you that are good enough and special enough to be your friends.
Then you will be popular. Try to be brave and wait for them.

I don’t know if it is the right advice to give her, but it was the most honest thing I could think to say.  She really is such a sweet, smart little girl, I hope it works her.

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