Ergonomics in the Bathroom

Yesterday I bought a new toothbrush. I replace my toothbrush more often than necissary, as I’m completely grossed out by the idea of brushing yucky stuff INTO the spaces between my teeth. GROSS. So I replace it often. And yesterday while I was looking for a new one, I was nearly paralised by the options.
Why are there so many flipping kinds of toothbrushes?? WHY? Why when all you really need is a handle and some bristles?
After hours of deliberation, I finally chose one that looked like it would be good at cleaning between my teeth (like all normal human beings, I hate flossing and am less diligent about flossing as I should be) and went to the checkout.  As soon as I got home, I had to try my new toothbrush out.
That’s when I noticed that it was designed to be ergonomically correct so I wouldn’t hurt myself brushing my teeth.
The handle is a special shape that is contoured to fit in my hand just-so.  There are little gel pads in two spots where my finger rests – two of them because you change your hold on your toothbrush as you need to angle it differently to get to different parts of your mouth.
This, sir, is ridiculous.
Even if you brush for the full amount of time they recommend (about two minutes), is all this ergonomic design and comfort necessary?  Were there people getting stress/strain injuries from brushing their teeth?  Or is it all just a gimmick to get me to spend £2.50 on a flipping toothbrush?  And where are all the straight-handled, no padding, white bristled brushes? Where have they gone?
While I’m ranting about toothbrushes… let me add that possibly the stupidist "improvement" to a toothbrush EVER has to be the blue-coloured bristles that fade away. Once the blue is gone, you know to replace your toothbrush! BAH! Who is so retarded that they can’t see how much their toothbrush is worn down that they need some sort of indicator on the damned thing?  Who??  GAAAA!

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