>Push the button

>Last week I was told a story about a guy at work who pushed a large, red button… knowing full-well what the button did and that he would lose his job if he pushed it.

He pushed it anyway.

When later asked why, the button-pusher said that he knew what the implications where of pushing that button… and he pushed it anyway.

I fully understand why this guy had to push that button. I think that every day, at least once, I get the urge to do something completely irrational and potentially destructive. I have trouble walking past cars without thinking about running my key along them. I get the urge to randomly punch strangers. I’m not afraid of heights but I do tend to avoid them because I have difficulty thinking about anything but jumping even though I know the consequences of doing so. I get the urge to throw my wallet into the river. Sometimes I want to hold up a bank. Make a crank call. Tell someone important off (for no reason, mind you). And so on.

But I don’t. Or perhaps: I haven’t yet. But perhaps there will come a day when I will do something completely irrational and entirely self-destructive. Because maybe everyone has a snapping point. Perhaps some people snap sooner than others.

I wonder if a lot people get those irrational urges, and I wonder why. Is it because we are innately self-destructive? Or because there is some kind of (albeit twisted) power in acts of random violence and/or destruction?

Regardless of why, I’m just happy I haven’t had my “gotta push the red button” day yet. And I hope that if I do come to that day before I die, whatever my “push the red button” act turns out to be, hopefully it gets me featured on Fox News.

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