This may have been mentioned on my blog previously but when I was in Korea I bought the stars.

No, really. Let me ‘splain.

In Korea there is so much light pollution that you rarely see the stars. Although some people said you could never see the stars… that’s not true. Some people just don’t know how to look and they don’t always see the stars anyway no matter where they are in the world. I saw the stars occasionally, but not as often as I would like to see them (and not often enough to wish on). So I bought them.

I bought them in the form of a stuffed turtle with a hard plastic shell. Wee stars are cut out in the shell, and when you push the buttons, he lights up and there are stars all over the room in your choice of amber, blue or green. Some of the constellations are even represented.

His name is Twilight, and he makes me happy.

Anyway, tonight I was lounging on my bed chatting with my moms. As we talked it got darker and darker but I didn’t feel like getting up to turn on the light. So instead I pushed Twilight’s button and made the stars come out. And as I talked to my moms I lay there with Twilight on my tummy and all the stars around my room.

As I breathed, Twilight rose with my breath and the stars around the room slowly moved as well.

And when I laughed… all the stars danced.

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