If nothing else, I'm learning

Things at work are definitely much better. I’m really enjoying my new role but for a reason I didn’t foresee: I’m learning again.
I’d forgotten how much more engaging work can be when you are learning new skills or methods. It was what I loved about teaching in Korea at the beginning; I had no idea how to be a teacher and I had to continuously learn new stuff to be a good teacher.
I’ve worked in a lot of companies in a lot of different roles. But now I’m actually learning something about business, and that’s cool. I’m not really getting any smarter, but my jargon cup is flowing over. Soon I should be even more incomprehensible than ever before. Excellent.
PS: No blog last night because I was busy all evening with a work-related activity*.
*Drinking with your workmates at the pub is a "work-related activity", innit?

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