Take back no. 3

>So, the first thing I took back was blogging, and I’m making writing in my blog daily a priority. I’ve only missed one or two days in the past two weeks, which is pretty good for me. Especially since (and you will have noticed this if you actually read my blog), I don’t really have much to say. But I digress. The important thing is that I’m blogging again and I’m happy about it. Hooray me.

The second thing was quitting my job. On one hand, you could say I failed miserably at that, seeing as how I didn’t actually leave the company. However, I didn’t say I was going to quit the company, so technically I’m still alright, because I’m not doing the same job. And that small distinction could prove to be very important. We’ll see.

Today I’m going to start the third thing to take back: my body. I’ve been uber-lazy physically for about… oh, about a year now. And it is taking its toll. I’ll skip the unhappy blah blah blah about my self-esteem and other issues I’m not going to face… I’m just tired of not having any energy (and, to be fair, I’m also tired of not having trousers that fit). So tonight I actually dragged my ass to the gym and kicked it. I’m going to try my best to kick my own ass daily, just like the blogging thing. Hopefully it will give me the energy I seem to be lacking. This one is my toughest take-back, and one I was thinking about leaving for later. But then I thought I might as well get moving on it now… it isn’t going to get any easier if I put it off for a few months.

With these three take-backs, I feel like I’m slowly getting a hold of my mental (blogging), emotional (work) and physical (exercise) self. I still have one more area to work on (spiritual), which will come next. And then I’ll start at the beginning again with mental and work through the four, upping the ante each time. I’m so on my way to becoming a perfect human being I’ll be even more obnoxious than I am now as a flawed one. Fun!

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