>New work order

>Today was the first day on the new job. Not bad… not bad. Not that I got a lot of work done, it took hours just to get people moved. Why? Because we are still in a huge chaotic mess. It is stuff like today that I hope to one day get fixed.

Four people had to move downstairs (myself included). Because we only had one IT guy working for most if it, moving took forever. At least we knew where we wanted our stuff and where it should go, but it still took most of the morning.

We got back at lunch and got to work. Sadly, that is when they started moving stuff around upstairs and bugging us in the basement. They kept threatening to move the extra shite back into our office space, but we fought them off with pointy sticks (or, at least, pointy words). One of my favourite moments is when they brought the same computer down twice, even though we told them the first time that they shouldn’t move it. I love when people don’t listen. Which brings me to another great moment today.

The X-Big Boss wanted our two red leather couches moved upstairs. The New Big Boss (who I like) said that they couldn’t have both (he was complaining he wouldn’t have anywhere to nap). X-Big Boss insisted (via telephone) that both couches should be upstairs. I didn’t want to fight anymore, so I basically said, “Yah, whatever. Move ’em both up there then.” I figured rather than fight, we would just get a new couch for downstairs that was even more awesome. Well, the thing is… the larger couch wouldn’t go upstairs. It wouldn’t fit in the lift and the boys couldn’t get it all the way up the stairs. So, problem solved, right? Yah, right.

Last Friday XBB (you guys are with me on that one, right? I’m already tired of typing “X-Big Boss”, so you will have to deal with the acronym) called and asked if both couches were upstairs. We said no, and explained that the one couch wouldn’t fit up the stairs. This morning when XBB came in, she asked where the big couch was. I patiently explained AGAIN that the big couch wouldn’t fit up the stairs. Then this afternoon when XBB came downstairs to see what she could dump in our office space (and what she could hork* from our office space) she asked AGAIN why the couch hadn’t been moved. We told her AGAIN. Then, and this is the part I still can’t even believe… later in the day she sent someone downstairs to ask… wait for it…. wait for it… that’s right. To ask why the freaking couch wasn’t upstairs. I don’t think I have to explain myself anymore why I couldn’t work for that woman much longer. Good grief!

The good news is that a handful of us didn’t have to help with the upstairs move. And that makes me happy. Every time someone from that floor comes to visit us, they comment on how peaceful our floor seems. And you know what? It is peaceful. There’s a calm energy in there, and that makes work a little easier to face.

*”Hork” is Canadian for “steal”. No, seriously! Watch “Strange Brew”. Actually don’t, it’s crap. But funny crap.

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