>Job changes

>This has been a wonderfully lazy Sunday. I have only left the house to grab some pita bread and hummus. Although I am doing my (gag) laundry and the (choke) dishes are done, I’m still taking it pretty easy overall. Last weekend I didn’t even do my chores… I was hiding from life. I’m hoping now that things are a wee bit back on track, I won’t have to do that and my house won’t look like a pig sty.

So… about work. I’m done job hunting. A job came to me. Which makes me happy, because I hate freaking job hunting. I’m not sure it is going to work out quite yet, but I’m willing to give it a go.

I’ve been hired back at my old company (no, not for more money… it never was about the money) to do a very interesting job. If it works out the way it sounds like it could… this could rock. I’m working with the COO (not FOR the COO, WITH him) as a “Troubleshooter”. I’m going to help institute and enforce changes to policy and procedure within our company so that it can run properly and we can hit the growth targets that have been set. It sounds like it will be hard work, but that doesn’t worry me. I’m just happy that I’m not an assistant and my job doesn’t really distill down to “being someone’s bitch” any more. My resignation has not been fully revoked, just suspended, and there are a few rules in place so that I can escape if things are going the way I think they should.

I’ll keep posting about how it goes – this could be really exciting. There have been a couple of times last week – even at work – when I was nearly giddy about it. And if it doesn’t turn out the way I hope it will… I can always get back to the job hunt.

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Carey wrote (on 15/07/08):

I sooo want your business card…

Jodi Schneck


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