>Yah, I missed a day…

>But with good reason. Instead of coming home straight from work and blogging like a good person, I went out to the pub for the night. Now my head hurts this morning. A lot. The only bad thing (read: other than my hangover) is that I don’t have time this AM to blog (or I will be late)… and I have something to blog about (note yesterday’s post).

I leave it at this: I quit my job but it looks like I’ll still be working in the same place. The company is changing radically and I’m sitting somewhere new (both physically and organisationally – dat right, I said “organisationally”)… but it is technically the same place. And I’m both terrified and giddy about what could happen next.

I’ll try to write more about it later, but there are plans to perhaps go out again tonight as it is Caryn’s last day (sob) at work. If I don’t make it home in a state fit for blogging, I’ll write about it all on Saturday. EEEE!!! ^o^

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