Toilet Money

There is an interesting bathroom situation here at work. On our floor there is only one toilet and it is clearly marked as a man’s toilet. However, it is actually a unisex toilet and everyone uses it. (Unless they have to poop, then there is an unspoken law that one should go downstairs to the less-oft used "Poo Loo" to do their dirty business. Note: not everyone abides by this rule.) Perhaps that isn’t really a man on the door… maybe that’s just a chick wearing trousers. I mean, I certainly don’t wear a triangular-shaped dress or skirt every day. I’m not wearing my triangle skirt today, for example.  So, I try to ignore the fact that I have to use a boy toilet every day. But I can’t ignore the penny that is in there.
The penny has been in there forever now. I’m curious as to why. No one will take it, not even the cleaners. It just sits there. And of course, each time I see it, I ponder its bathroom existence and I’ve come up with a tri-theory as to why no one will take it:
First of all… it is only a penny. Not really worth much.  If you had a load of them, it still wouldn’t be worth much. Perhaps the payout is not worth the effort of taking it. I wonder if it would have disappeared by now if it was a pound coin. I would test this theory, but I can’t be arsed to pay a pound to see if the perceived worth of the toilet item is directly proportional to how quickly it will be moved or not.
Secondly, perhaps no one will take it because no one thinks it is their penny. I mean, you should not take what is not yours. I seriously doubt it is my penny, do I have a right to take it? Perhaps I just work with the most honest people in London.
Thirdly, it IS in the toilet beside the sink. It may have, at one point, been on the floor. The toilet floor. That penny is definitely not your cleanest penny. Perhaps no one wants it because it has been living in the toilet for so long.
I shouldn’t think about that penny so much, but it makes me think about human nature a wee bit.  I, of course, am tempted to toss it in the toilet and make a wish.
PS: There is also a wee bottle of perfume that someone abandoned in there ages ago but I understand that one: it smells like insect spray.

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