>Me vs. We


You know what phrase I hate hearing at work? One that makes me clench my teeth and makes me want to beat my head against the wall? When my boss wants me to print something that “we” wrote. Like this: “Jodi, could you please print that slide we wrote about the customer journey?”… or similar.
Why do I hate this phrase more than anything? Because “we” didn’t write that slide… or a dozen or so other things the big boss has requested. I’ve written it. On my own. Without her input or muckery. It has been ages since she’s said more than, “can you draft something up about X… you know, similar to Y… along those lines”. I suppose in her wee head that if she requested it, then she’s helped create it. Which in a convoluted, delusional sense, I suppose she has helped to create it. Because I certainly wouldn’t write this kind of BS if there wasn’t someone FORCING me to.

Deep breaths… it isn’t long now until my escape. Sweet, sweet freedom! Here’s hoping the next big boss ain’t like the ole big boss…

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