>Somedays… I just can’t win


So, on Friday I went for a massage and it was pretty rocking. I miss having massages. I just can’t handle how expensive they are when it isn’t Thailand. But it was worth it, it was very relaxing and I felt much better. Until today.

Further, I bought a very fancy-shmancy (and expensive) mattress topper that turned my bed from a mattress of hellish pain into a mattress of cloudy comforting heaven. It made it so I wasn’t waking up every morning more sore and tired than when I went to bed. Until today.

Somehow I managed to sleep on my neck the wrong way, and now my neck and shoulder are freaking killing me. It is making me cranky and prone to exaggeration. It is going to drive me to drink. Hopefully a couple of pints and a few pills and I’ll heal right up. At least, that’s the plan.

How does one sleep on one’s neck the wrong way? Why was I sleeping on my neck? How does that even happen? Why don’t I wake up before it gets like this? Shouldn’t my body have some sort of early warning system for when I’m hurting myself in my sleep? Honestly, who designed this thing? Stupid brain! Be more helpful!

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