Hobby Clarification

Carence left a note to remind me that I do have hobbies: I play guitar, I take pictures, I write. Now, most of those things I don’t do very well (read: all of them), but that doesn’t even matter. They are just hobbies, after all, not my job or something I take very seriously.
I guess I wish I had a hobby that took me out of the house more and is more active. Now, picture taking gets me out of the house, but doesn’t take all that much energy. I guess I need a sport more than a hobby. Carence suggested TKD again, but I think I need to master something new.  I need something different – I don’t want to do something too pedestrian. It has to keep me interested, and I have a short flipping attention span. I would prefer something that made other people go, "you do what?"
Any suggestions?

3 responses to “Hobby Clarification

  1. Carey, you are the funniest person I think I know. And would you classify Zorbing as a sport??

  2. It\’s all fun and games, till someone loses an eye…
    THEN its a SPORT!

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