>Walk unafraid

>Tonight I went out to King’s Cross to see a friend from university. I didn’t get there until after 11, and didn’t bother (I’m a dillhole) to check the tube schedule. Turns out my last train home ran at about 11:30. Oops. Because I was in the pub with Mary until 00:15. When I got into the station, all the lines were closed. I asked the train dudes what I should do, and they told me to take a bus to Trafalgar Square and then a bus home from there. Well, I ignored them, because obviously I understand the tube better than they do. I took a risk and got on the Hammersmith line to (duh) Hammersmith. I was hopeful that there would be buses from there… and if not, that I would be close enough to home that the price of a cab wouldn’t kill me. Turns out – I’m a genius. I’ve been to Hammersmith before (I knew it sounded familiar) and technically (but not necessarily “safely”) it is even in walking distance of home. So I got off the very last train and hopped on a night bus. Home from the tube in less than 10 minutes. Awesome. I rule.

While on the train, there was a guy (about my age, I reckon) who was looking at a tube map. He muttered something and I said, “Pardon me?” He was actually speaking to himself, but then he asked me for directions to Heathrow. He was asking the wrong girl – I’m HOPELESS (98% of the time) on transit. I get on buses and go the wrong direction (true story). I could tell him for sure that the Piccadilly line was done though… and that there *might* be a bus from Hammersmith to Heathrow (there was, I’m completely awesome). If nothing else, I assured him, he could take a cab from Hammersmith and at least it was closer to Heathrow than King’s Cross.

During our chat at one point he said, “It must be pretty scary riding the train at night alone.” And I disagreed. I mean, I suppose it could be scary, but I wasn’t feeling frightened in the least. I never do. Now, don’t get me wrong… I don’t do (very) stupid things. I’m very cautious. But I’m very rarely afraid when moving about the city (or about a country, for that matter). Never have been (okay, I was vaguely frightened in Moscow, but I chalk that up to exhaustion at that point). I’m not sure why. I just never feel worry that I’m going to be a victim. Again, I’m not dumb… I know that bad things happen to good people (then again, I’m not always “good people” so maybe that’s what’s keeping me safe – HA!). But I don’t see the point of being afraid and worrying about things that haven’t even happened. And I’m glad I’m like that… my attitude and my ability to “walk unafraid” has allowed me to do some crazy and wonderful things over the last few years.

And now I’m glad I’m home safe and it is time for bed. You can tell I’m tired when I blog if I use a lot of parenthesis. And I have a new mattress pad that I can’t freaking WAIT to try out. If it is rad, I’m definitely blogging about it tomorrow.

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