>Mind? Check. Gutter? Check.


Today I had to go to Waitrose to buy headache tablets (no sleep + beer = headache). I asked my boss if she wanted anything and she asked me if I could get her a banana – “the largest one I could find”.

Post cheeky grin but before I could say anything, the HR Manager (who was in the office at the time) said, “Don’t even start”. She’s cool: she knows me pretty well. We all had a laugh about it and off I went to buy myself some painkillers and “the largest banana” I could find.

I found a good sized banana (if the bananas in Waitrose are any indication of the overall *ahem* available “banana” sizes in England… I’m in the wrong freaking country) and put it on the scale to get a scanny-sticker for the checkout girl. Well, these scanny-scales are rad. You put your food on the scale, find the category that your food is in, then push the picture of your food. Bananas are an easy one as there are only two things in the category that the bananas are in.

Bananas and nuts.

I don’t think I have a particularly dirty mind… but I really can only think of one way that bananas and nuts belong together in the same category, and it is more abstract symbolism than anything else. Am I missing something here or do I really have the dirtiest mind on the planet??

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