The Hunt

How quickly I forget that job hunting sucks my will to live. I just went through this last December! Looking for work sucks!

As long as it doesn’t suck as much as… you know… work sucked, then I still feel like I’ve made the right choice. I’m just feeling worn out because I just went though a huge ordeal to upload an application to a particular company. Why, why, why can’t they just accept my CV?  Dillholes. And no, I’m not going to say which company it was just in case they try to Google my name or anything. Then again, if an employer ever did find my blog they probably wouldn’t hire me whether I dissed their recruitment process or not… the blog is a clear indication that I’m not right in the head. Not right at all.

Note to self: Do not tell potential employers and/or friends and/or boyfriends and/or human beings that I would like to remain in contact with about the blog.

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