Light vs. Dark

At work I’m finding myself more and more concerned with colour. Specific colours. When I create documents, I am careful to use the exact colours that make up our logo. I use the RGB Colour Model numbers to ensure that I get the exact logo coloured blue (50,87,101) or red (231,51,50) which may seem anal but ensures that there is consistancy in my work.  RGB is Red, Green, Blue… for anyone who doesn’t know.
Anyway, why blog about this rather dull part of my work?  Well, because of something I’ve since noticed. The absolute highest number you can use for each code is 255, and the lowest is 0.  If you enter 255,255,255 – an absolute saturation – you get white.  Take it all away – 0,0,0 – and you get black.
I just thought this was interesting. There is more to the light… there is everything to the light to be more specific… and nothing to the dark.  And if that is truly the case, why do so many people find the dark so frightening?  Frankly, I’m more afraid of the light. There is more that lurks there…

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