Something I Will Forever Hate about Work

Most days, I like what I do for work. Mostly I get to write and make things look pretty. And overall, I do it better than anyone else around here, so I get to feel good about my work.  But then there are days, like today, when the entire world is lucky that I’m not armed.
I can put up with a lot. I try to not be an angry person, and my tolerance for things has grown significantly. But there are three things that people can do that are guaranteed to piss me off:
1. be sincerely rude to me when it is uncalled for (only when uncalled for, because sometimes I deserve it)
2. embarrass me intentionally (by accident doesn’t make me happy, but I forgive it)
3. inhibit me from doing my job effectively because they are idiots
These are my "unforgivables". Especially the second one… if you embarrass me intentionally you get one warning (usually along the lines of, "I don’t find that funny and if you do it again, we won’t be friends anymore", something that I have actually said) and then after that we’re through. Usually one and three have migating circumstances and I can usually recover… but not always depending on the severity of the offence.
Guess which of the three is pissing me off at work?  WHY CAN’T PEOPLE JUST DO THEIR FUCKING JOBS PROPERLY?  I swear, some days I would fire half of the people in here. Normally I wouldn’t care that they are as useless as braille on a drive-through ATM (it would still annoy me, but not to this extent), except their ineptitude this week is creating extra stress and work for me. Inconsiderate assholes.
Oh wow, I’m mad.

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