Time Saver, Time Waster

It has been a very long time since there has been anything online to really catch my attention. But lately I’ve come across two.
The first, Digsby, rules. It is another messenger program but this one does neat tricks. In the one window, I have access to all my IM contacts – MSN, Yahoo, Googlemail and even Facebook.  All in one window. It not only tells me which of my contacts are online for any of those accounts, it also tells me when I have new messages. Sweetness.
The second, The Kingdom of Loathing, has eaten into my home time drastically. It is a turn-based game online where you kill monsters and such, but it is so ridiculous and so funny that I’ve been playing it a wee bit too much. The art is horrible, the storylines make little sense, but the sarcasm and humour more than makes up for it. It is just a good thing that there is a cap on how many turns you can play each day….

One response to “Time Saver, Time Waster

  1. KoL = I hate you.  Thank GOD we didn\’t find that the same time we found Neopets, we\’d be fucked.

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