>Strange… but kinda cool

>The guy who helped me move a few weeks ago was a bit cracked, but good fun nonetheless*. From the time he got down on the floor when he first got to my flat to bow to me because I play guitar, to helping me move boxes (he isn’t supposed to help), to chatting non-stop about everything under the sun in a proper north-London accent, to moving my boxes into my new place, to the hug and good wishes he gave me (not in a gross way, prevs. If it was gross, I would complain), to him trying to refuse my tip… he was a good guy. His name was even Dave, for heaven’s sake. All-in-all, he made moving interesting, if not fun.

I got a small package from him yesterday. On the way from the old place to the new, he nattered non-stop and we talked about how I lived in Korea briefly before we moved on to movies. He mentioned a Korean movie that he had seen that was very good but he couldn’t remember the title of. Well, guess what he sent me? A wee note with “Tell Me Something”, a Korean movie (“Powerfully atmospheric… imagine Se7en and Basic Instinct crossed with CSI”) that is set in Seoul.

I thought that was actually pretty cool. Not many people would take the time to do something like that. Now I just need someone to volunteer to come over and watch the damned thing with me because it sounds scary. I’ll need someone here to tell me when I can uncover my eyes…

*I love the word “nonetheless”. It is satisfying for some reason.

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