I'm a Dick

Most of you probably already knew that. But I’ve outdone even myself. I finally blew off Buddy2. Or at least… I hope I did. Things have been busy with work (and been busy drinking with work people) and I have maybe, kinda been blowing him off for weeks now, but with excuses of business and illness. Tonight I actually sent the "it’s not you, it’s me" email. I only went out with him three times, and this is the malarky I have to go through? Dating isn’t freaking worth it!
I’ve also pulled my profile off match. I’ve decided that I’m just not into it at the moment, so there’s no point in forcing it. I’m having fun getting to know the people I work with (good lot, they are) and for now it is enough. If they start to suck or get boring (or both), maybe I’ll give the dating thing a go again. Until then, I’ll drink beers with my friends, and perhaps try my hand at meeting guys the old fashion way… drunk at the bar. HA!

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